Escape Toronto

In junction with my “Never get too busy making a living that you forget to live” post.  Here are my top 5 picks for listings near Toronto and on a budg·et.  Some I have been lucky enough to stay in and others remain on my wiSH list! En·joy!

Links are provided to assist you in booking your next getaway 🖱

1.  Spectacular cabin in Caledon, ON

Photo Credit: Aribnb

2. Colorful cottage in Wasaga Beach, ON

Photo Credit: Aribnb

3. Cozy B&B in Huntsville, ON

Photo Credit:

4.  Glamping in Plantagenet, ON

Photo Credit: Aribnb

5. Restful Escape in Westport, ON

Photo Credit: Aribnb

And here are a few bo·nus listings if you want to splurge!

1. Tree House in Prince Edward, Ontario

Photo Credit:

2. Private Island in Georgian Bay, ON

Photo Credit: Aribnb

3. Picture perfect cabin in Durham, ON

Photo Credit:

4. The Babylon House in Bloomfield, ON

Photo Credit:

5. Private Penthouse in Toronto, ON

Photo Credit: Aribnb

Go out there, explore because if you never experience it than you’ll never know!




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