The Blue Lagoon

Travel Date: Nov 4th to Nov 9th, 2016
When I think back to my Icelandic get-away I think, dramatic landscaping, breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes with names the world can’t pronounce and expensive food.  In this post I will be covering the splendid spa known as the Blue Lagoon; which is not a natural phenomenon as many might think.  Actually, the water in the pool is a result of the runoff from a geothermal plant next door – and -ta-da!   Regardless natural or not, it’s a must see ;).
And here it begins ..
After a 5 hour flight from Pearson Airport to Keflavík Airport, we finally arrived in the refreshingly brilliant island of Iceland.  Our first stop was the no·to·ri·ous Blue Lagoon, I couldn’t have been more excited!  As we sat at the airport in Keflavík, waiting for our bus to take us to the Blue Lagoon we couldn’t help but feel how crisp the air was as the airport doors opened-and-closed with flocking tourists!  First impression – “It’s so cold!!”  Eventually, it was time to take our 20 minute bus ride to the Blue Lagoon and let me tell you that it is no fib when they tell you the Blue Lagoon will smell like eggs.  The closer we drove up to the man-made phenomenon, the stronger the smell was; however,  it is no fib again that you will get use to the smell within 5 minutes.  Personally, I did not mind the smell because my excitement to be visiting the world-famous spa was in control!
Finally we arrived, our bus came to a stop in the main parking lot!  Keep in mind once you are in the main parking lot, it will be approximately another 30 minutes before you and the Blue Lagoon physically meet.
As we stepped off the bus, we walked to the Service Center located next to the parking lot to drop off our luggage.  Keep in mind, luggage storage costs extra but it is beneficial if you are coming from Keflavík  Airport or on your way to  Keflavík  Airport via bus.  I do also recommend making the Blue Lagoon your first or last stop on your Icelandic adventure because it is on the way to and from Keflavík Airport.
The Service Center is a small building, so we waited outside in line prior to entering the building meaning bundle up if you are traveling during winter– after-all- it is Iceland!  When we entered the building, there was enough space to open our luggage and take out our essentials such as our bikini.  After, we dropped off our luggage to a staff member (we were given a number for our luggage that we kept until we went back to pick up our luggage) and continued to the main entrance.
As we walked the path to the main entrance – I was as·ton·ished by the landscaping the lava created and still in awe when I think back.  When we entered through the main entrance, there were different lines depending on which package you purchased.  The Blue Lagoon offers different packages depending on ones preference.  We purchased the PREMIUM package which most importantly included:
  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon
  • Silica Mud Mask & Algae Mask
  • Use of a towel and bathrobe
  • Blue Lagoon Flip-flops which you get to keep
  • One drink of your choice (smoothie, non-alcoholic, alcoholic)
Another benefit of the PREMIUM package was that the line-up was shorter to get in -winning -.  After receiving our towel, bathrobe, flip-flops and electronic wristband (wristband serves the purpose of a key to the electronic lockers in the changing rooms as well as an electronic wallet – it allows you to pay for food and drinks like a credit card and you pay the balance when you leave) we went to the shower and changing area.  Keep in mind, prior to entering the pool, you are expected to take a shower – naked – and advised to lather your hair with conditioner which is provided to you (the Silica in the water is high in sulfur which can make your hair stiff and difficult to manage).
Finally, we were ready to enter the milky blue water – YAY -.  The Blue Lagoon offers an indoor entrance to the pool but we decided to use the outdoor entrance! The 5 second dash after you hang your bathrobe is bone-chilling but once you enter the pool you forget all about the temperature outside! The pool itself is bigger than imagined and fit everyone comfortably, we were the first guests of the day and I can imagine it being busier and more crowded throughout the day.  The water temperature varies – some spots are warmer than other spots so everyone is happy.  We explored a little then made our way to the bar for our free drink, I myself had an Apple Cider which was yummy!   Overall, my experience was fabulous and unforgettable, the Silica left my skin feeling extra soft but it was a onetime deal for me.  The Blue Lagoon is one of those places which I have visited once and that is all I need.  I feel blessed to have experienced it in person but I have seen it, done it and next time I visit Iceland I will  focus more on the natural hot springs – after all Iceland is known for it’s hot springs.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a man-made phenomenon with worldwide publicity which has to be visited once if you are in Iceland.  So if you are visiting Iceland for the first time or have never yet visited the Blue Lagoon, add it to your list as a MUST-SEE.  Go out there, explore because if you never experience it than you’ll never know! 

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